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The Uganda Museum:

The Uganda Museum was founded in 1908 in Kampala and boasts exhibits of traditional culture, archeology, history, science, and natural history. It regularly presents performances of traditional music.A display of Uganda's cultural heritage brings you to ethnological and natural-historical exhibitions. It is a vivid reminder of the country's colorful past.
One of its most interesting features is the collection of traditional musical instruments, which one is free to play. The museum contains rich materials from Uganda. The National library is located within the Uganda National Museum. Started in the 1930’s by a group of scholars, the collection is comprised of bulks, maps, journals and pictures, all pertaining to African history, culture, sociology, travel and science. The collection is currently strictly available for reference use only.



Phone: +254-722-722432 / +254-734-867337
P.O. Box: 40814-00100
Nairobi, Kenya